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Marina of Rethymno

Marina of Rethymno, which is currently in operation under the licensing stage Greek National Tourist Organization, has 49.900,00 sqm terrestrial port zone 116.000,00 sqm sea port zone, and capacity of 176 vessels dimensions up to 25 meters.

Within the land facilities of the marina are two outdoor car parks capacity of 450 cars which are the largest in the city parking lots and serve the most important need in the city park.

In the northern platform of the marina is also mooring cruise ships and passenger ferries. This part of the port has major terrestrial zones, total area 33.500 sq.m., that cater to every passenger, tourism movement of trucks and car vehicles. Features weighbridge 80T., Includes two loading positions (F-G) and platforms have depth -8,00m ..

To serve ships adequate lighting and panel to power ships safely 3x25 A, water and fire safety.

Marina is located in Rethymno port in the east section and includes:

Total length of platforms and floating piers  

800 m

Usable depth

from -3,5 to -4,5 meters

Land areas

of 20.000 sq.m.







With 174 vessels positions in floating piers and perimeter of platforms for larger vessels, can meet every need of yacht. Specifically can bind boats:

Length Boats

from 8-40 meters


to -3.5 meters


The seats are distributed as follows:

1.- 40 seats L <8 m with bow / stern

2.- 36 seats 8 m <L <10 m with bow / stern

3.- 84 seats 10 m <L <12 m with bow / stern

4.- 10 places 15 m <L <18 m with bow / stern

5.- two positions L <25 m to the side

6.- 1 spot L <20 m

7.- 1 spot L <40 m

Marina of Rethymno is located within the urban fabric, so within a few meters to have all the benefits that can be useful to visitors with boats (boat equipment shops, banks, supermarkets, clothing stores and entertainment, transportation etc).

Also, inland facilities are located echelon of Marine Scout Association and the Yachting Club of Rethymno and are  held various sporting activities and there is also a team of first Aid kid of Greek Red Cross.
The Fire Service is 5 km. It has adequate facilities and they patrol this area, and the town is just 1km from the town’s Hospital.

The international airports of Chania and Heraklion are 75 and 85 km respectively from the MARINA.
The Marina Administration is housed in the offices of the Municipal Port Fund, at the entrance of the Marina.

RETHYMNO: A place to live!

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