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Municipal Port Fund of Rethymno

The Municipal Port Fund of Rethymno continues its historic path which  started in Rethymno in 1914. According to PD 197/2002 (Official Gazette 179 / A / 07.08.2002) repealed the Coast Fund prefecture of Rethymno and its functions transferred with the Presidential Decree 186/2001 (Official Gazette 149 / A / 05.07.2001) Municipal Port Fund of Rethymno.

Our service plays an important role in the  development of our place  and has the greatest responsibility to manage the unique entrance gate as well as all the facilities of all  the ports and  the fishing shelters.

With teamwork and developmental spirit M.P.F.R  is  invited to provide public services and contribute to the commercial, passenger, tourist and fishing traffic and in general to the proper functioning of competence ports.

RETHYMNO: A place to live!

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Sofokli Venizelou
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