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Plakias port

The old Plakias small port has quay length of 85.00 meters and service ten (10) vessels. By 9146 / 06.30.2014 decision of the Secretary-General Decentralised Administration of Crete (GG 231 / SSO / 07.18.2014)is  fixed a terrestrial port zone of Plakias, an area of 5600.00 sqm comprising areas displayed in nine (9) stores and available for the development of tables and parking spaces.

The part of the central urban road of Plakias is located within the terrestrial port zone which leads to crowded adjacent beaches and resorts and Plakias fishing shelter. The geographical coordinates are 35.11,42V F. and L. 24.23.64 A.

The area has been inhabited since ancient times. It is considered by someone that there was the ancient city of Lamon or the ancient city of Phoenix Lampaion, in the place that Plakias is located today. In this area, it has been found objects from the Roman period, while in Pigi position has detected a necropolis area of ​​5 acres, but the graves plates have been removed. Scattered plates have been found on the slope and according to one theory, the large number of plates gave the name Plakias in the region. According to another theory, the name comes from the fact that the village was built on a large plate.

The settlement is new. Created in the late 19th century or early 20th century by fishermen from the surrounding area who settled there. In the 1960s  Plakias beach was a popular destination for hippies. In the 1970s, Plakias experienced a great tourist development.   In Plakias is now available hotels, cafes, restaurants, apartments, shops, sandy beaches and a post. At the same time, it is a popular destination for lovers of water sports.
35.19328, 24.38008

35.19328, 24.38008

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