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Rethymno port

 In the Municipality of Rethymno lies the port of Rethymno, which is of national importance (JMD 3514.96 / 02/92, Official Gazette 440 / B / 07.07.1992) averaging approach port of call 230 ships per year (assuming the data of the last three years) land area 31.000,00 sq.m area with platforms length 900,00 meters that can simultaneously serve up to six (6) vessels. The port is located in a geographical location F35o 22.32 'N and L. 024o 29'A, the northern and western coasts of Rethymno.

The Port of Rethymno, is a mixed use and in the western part of this place carries out commercial and passenger traffic where all cargo operations of each type of goods  take place.

In this section  occasionally and tourist boats are bided ,  a weighbridge of  80T is installed and includes five (5) cargo platforms (A-B-C-D-E) which can host up to five ships, depending on their size.

The above platforms mainly serve the commercial traffic of the port, however, when there is a need to service the tourist board, more than 150 meters. LOO, the attachment is in position D, because of the large length and depth of the platform.

The commercial station has:

Total length of platforms

810 meters

Usable depth

from -6.00 to -8.00 meters

Terrestrial zone

26.500 sq.m.

The port Of Rethymno  applies the International ISPS security code According to the International Convention SOLAS our port is required in adopting security measures and procedures (in accordance with the IMO code) in international maritime safety with the objective of improving the protection of port facilities, ships, personnel and cargo.

Also observed standard management-monitoring quality of stevedores work of bulk solid cargo at terminals in Rethymno port, according to ISO audit 9001: 2008.

RETHYMNO: A place to live!

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