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small port Bali

The small port Bali is located in the north coast, 30 km from Rethymno, and can accommodate fishing boats and yachts medium size. The geographical coordinates of the small harbor is F35,24,9 B and L 24,47,12 'A. and it is protected by weather conditions.

Bali besides beautiful traditional fishing village, has big tourist development.
A few words about the glorious past of the village. Venetians named Atali, from the ancient name which was Astali. There is also the Atali Monastery nearby, which retains its medieval name of the place. It is built on an elevated small peninsula, so overlooks the bay and the sea.

According to legend, the mountain is located in the south of Bali where Zeus as a return for the protection he received, gave the Cretans a mechanical giant named Talos, to protect the island from invaders.

35.41344, 24.78441

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